Rodgers' Reserve Alpaca Farm

Devoted and Dedicated to pure Suri alpacas

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Foundation Suri Alpacas

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Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Crown Cristianne Suri Open (Female) White 19 yrs $2000.00
Rossport's Donna Suri Open (Female) Medium Fawn 16 yrs $2000.00
RRAF Rohan's Just Adorable Suri Open (Female) Light Fawn 14 yrs $3000.00
Sienna's Peruvian Keisha of JCH Suri Open (Female) Medium Fawn 17 yrs $1500.00
Sweet Suri Olympia Suri Open (Female) Light Brown 23 yrs
Toni's Peruvian Starry Night Suri Open (Female) True Black 17 yrs $1500.00


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Essence Along the Lake Suri Open (Female) White

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